The Inheritance

ebook award 2012 finalist

Epic EBook Awards 2012 Finalist

Nominated for a 2012 Epic Award, The Inheritance, by Donna Sundblad, is written within the allegorical tradition of classics like Pilgrim’s Progress. It offers a literal but symbolic story for today’s fantasy enthusiasts. You’ll laugh, experience dangers, snares and witness a budding romance. It’s an entertaining fun read, but on a deeper level this cleverly devised tale stimulates thought as to why you believe what you believe in your own quest for the Eternal City. The Inheritance is an ideal discussion starter for youth groups, homeschoolers, and families who enjoy meaningful discussions.


The Inheritance
The young protagonist, Jejune, questions how conflicting theories can all be true and the ruling Illuminati brand him a troublemaker. Miserable and longing for something more, he decides to leave his home in Lofty Thought with his constant companion and alter ego, Wigglewot. He sets out with a clear goal to seek Wisdom, but things get complicated when he meets Worldly Wisdom and her sister Heavenly.

Follow Jejune into the Valley of Shadow where dangers and temptations await. Ethereal shadows hurl fiery darts and an injured Jejune gets off course and the dangers aren’t always so clear. When he meets the lovely Lady Chary, she uses her charms to lure him further into the valley. Along the way, Jejune decides to head to the Eternal City, but every village founded on the River of Tradition offers a different way to gain citizenship there. Then to his horror, Jejune learns he won’t be granted citizenship because of his Condition. There’s only one answer. Follow the Narrow Way and find Truth. He holds the cure!


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