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Donna Sundblad Book Signing

Donna has worked in corporate America, owned small businesses, and enjoyed a career in real estate. Almost 20 years ago she decided to follow her dream to become a writer, and for the last twelve, she’s earned a living as a freelance writer/editor, blogger, ghostwriter, and author. Currently she is almost finished with book one of a fantasy series, and working on a book for brides looking for ideas for a vintage wedding, so stay tuned for more details.

Wedding Traditions Reboot Blog

Vintage WeddingSundblad has blogged for more than 15 years. She currently has two active blogs, one for writers and the other Wedding Traditions Reboot for those interested in all things wedding. It takes a deeper look at wedding traditions, the history behind them, and how to make them unique for your use today.

The Inheritance

The Inheritance is a 2012 finalist.

Donna’s most recent novel, The Inheritance, was nominated for a 2012 Epic Ebook Award and is currently available on Kindle and paperback at Amazon.com.

Written within the allegorical tradition of classics like Pilgrim’s Progress but with a modern fantasy flare, The Inheritance offers an entertaining but symbolic story. It carries today’s fantasy enthusiasts to a world filled with action, humor and even a budding romance.

This cleverly devised tale carries a spiritual message but doesn’t preach or tell you what to think. Instead, it entertains and stimulates thought regarding your own quest for the Eternal City. The Inheritance is a fun read and an ideal discussion starter for youth groups, homeschoolers, and families.

Pumping Your Muse

Pumping Your Muse KindleDonna Sundblad’s Pumping Your Muse is often used for special sessions of F2K: Fiction Writing for the New Millennium.

This writing workbook drives your imagination through a series of world-building drills. Each chapter extracts elements from the real world and uses them as prompts to construct a believable fictional realm while giving birth to naturally emerging characters. This innovative process takes fresh scenes, turns them upside down and propels fresh ideas into new un-chartered territories where thought processes depart from the path of the obvious. Whether you’re a seasoned author suffering from writer’s block or a fledgling writer looking for inspiration and guidance, this book is for you.


Above all, Donna loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Her interests include spending time with family, and as an animal lover, the animals currently making their home with her include four cockatiels and one cat who owns her rather than the other way around. Of course, she enjoys the creative process that lets her share her experiences and imagination with others too.

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